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Pizza Deals for the Weekend 1/26/18

It's Friday which means Pizza night in the Linn household. I am not sure where I am going to order from tonight, but wanted to share some of these deals with you. I can't wait to dive into some cheesy greatness. Enjoy!

Quick Local Pizza Deals for 1/26/18:

  1. Pizza Hut -. 2 Medium pizzas, 2 toppings each. $5.99 Each. Or Large 2 Topping for $7.99 (online only). More deals here

  2. Papa Johns - Buy 1 pizza at full menu price, and receive 1 free pizza at equal or lesser value. More deals here:

  3. Chicago Pizza - No deals that I can find, but their pizza and breadsticks in Franklin Township are great!

  4. Papa Murphys - $2 off and large, and $3 off any family size. Also, Large 2 Topping Pizza for $6.99 Thru 1/28/18

  5. Hungry Howies - Use the code PERFECT2 to get a Medium Pizza and 3 Cheeser Bread for just $10 or code FAMOUS2 For a Large 2-Topping Pizza and 3 Cheeser Bread. More deals here.

  6. Donatos. All online orders are 18% off when you use Promo code 2018. This is a great deal for Donatos. More deals here:

  7. Hotbox Pizza. Pie of the week is Supreme. Enjoy this pizza 1/2 off with online code POTW. More deals here:

Remember, these are just Deals that’s I am finding online and in my inbox. Please don’t quote me on any of these deals. They may be only good for certain locations. You will still need to look online yourself and verify that these deals are accurate. And if the deals don’t work in your location, sorry :(

Check back next week for more deals!

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