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Pizza Spotlight for February.

I just love waking up on Friday morning and already knowing that we're eating pizza for dinner tonight. That's what I call #mealprepping.

This month's pizza review is going to be Chicago's Pizza (Franklin Township location).

If you haven't been, this place is great and their service is fantastic. I have never left here upset. It's located on the South side of Indianapolis in Franklin Township on the corner of Stop 11 and Arlington.

This place gets packed pretty quickly on Friday nights so plan ahead. If you decide you want to pick it up instead, they have designated spots that you can pull into and text them when you arrive. They will bring the pizza out to your car!

If you dine in, they have a pretty solid menu with regular and thick crust options. And for you salad lovers, they have a killer salad bar. This is one of those places that brings back childhood memories. When I was a kid, we used to always go out to eat at Pizza Hut (when it was good) and eat pizza together as a family. This has that same vibe but better.

You can't just eat the pizza. I love their bread sticks. Not a lot of places can compete with these. They are always fresh and warm when they come out. I could go there and just eat bread sticks.

One cool thing about this place is, they have a buffet open during lunch hours through the week. They just keep bringing the pizzas out. The salad bar is also included with the buffet. Usually when I go there, I plan on eating a ton of pizza, but then end up eating just a couple of slices and a few bread sticks (that's how they get you, haha). It's still worth the money for the variety of pizzas you get. For $9, you get the buffet, salad bar and drink.

Lastly, if you still have room for dessert, they do have a pretty tasty dessert pizza.

It is like a cinnamon roll. Each bite is covered in Icing. You won't be disappointed.

If you are looking for quality pizza and great service, you have to check out Chicago's Pizza!

Quick Local Pizza Deals for 2/16/18:

  1. Pizza Hut -. Free side with large menu-priced pizza purchase or $10 large stuffed Crust 2-topping pizza. More deals here

  2. Papa Johns - Any 2 large pan pizzas for $20. Or Large, dual layer pepperoni for $10. More deals here:

  3. Chicago Pizza - No deals that I can find, but their pizza and breadsticks in Franklin Township are great! Check out the blog above!

  4. Papa Murphys - $2 off any large pizza and $3 offany family size pizza when you download their coupon online. More deals here

  5. Hungry Howies - Use the code DEAL4U to get a Medium Pizza for $5. Use the cod 2FER to get a Deep Dish 2-fer pizza More deals here.

  6. Donatos. $20.99 for large single topping pizza and full order of traditional wings. More deals here:

  7. Hotbox Pizza. Pie of the week is the BALLSAGNA. Enjoy this pizza 1/2 off with online code POTW. Also, the Riley Deal which is Large 1 topping pizza, bread stix, 2 drinks and dessert for $18.99. Mention Riley and 20% will get donated to the Riley Children's Foundation. More deals here:

  8. Dominos - Choose 2 item menu for $5.99. Medium 2-topping handmade pan pizza for $8.99. Carryout Large 2 Topping Pizza for $5.99 each!!! More deals here:

Remember, these are just Deals that’s I am finding online and in my inbox. Please don’t quote me on any of these deals. They may be only good for certain locations. You will still need to look online yourself and verify that these deals are accurate. And if the deals don’t work in your location, sorry :(

Check back next week for more deals!

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