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How To Sell a House With Pets

Selling a house in itself can be a stressful task. The last time I moved, I remember thinking, “We don’t have that much stuff.” It took me 2 days just to pack up the kitchen. I know at my house, the process of packing and boxing things can not only stress you out, but it can stress your pets out too. Anytime I pack an overnight bag, my dog sits there and looks at me because she knows what is about to happen next. The packing process can take weeks and take a toll on your precious little furball. Here are a few steps that I can recommend you can do to make the sales process a bit easier. Plan: Once you sign a listing contract, it’s time to put together a plan. On the showing instructions your agent fills out for the other agent to read, there is a section on there just for pets. This is where you would put in the exact plan for your pets. If you have a pet that darts out of the front door any chance they get, make sure you are specific about this.

Pets Name: This is always a bonus, but it would be nice for your agent to include your pets name as part of your plan or in the private agent showing remarks. Your pet will feel more comfortable when guests come into your home during the showing and greet them by name. It sounds crazy, but you know what I’m talking about. You can even go the extra mile by leaving a note on the door with your pets name/instructions on it before each showing. Where to keep your pets during showings: This should be part of your plan. You may have a kennel that your pet is used to going into when you have company over or at night. I made this mistake years ago by not having one, and my dog has no idea what a cage is. I would say she’s spoiled.

If there is a room that they go in, you can put them in there as well. You can always put a baby gate up in the doorway instead of closing the door so the buyer can still see that room. Lastly, maybe your dog doesn’t like being locked up. You can always choose to take them on a walk or on a car ride during each showing. Cleaning: This part is very important. If your home has a heavy pet smell, buyers can’t get past that. I would spend some time before each showing vacuuming, wiping down baseboards to remove any pet hair, etc. Also, don’t neglect the back yard :) This can be a major turnoff here if the yard is full of doggie bombs! When all else fails, you can always board your pet during the day if that is easier for you. Here is a link to a list of places around Indy.

Doing this may give you a peace of mind knowing they are somewhere safe and having fun.

Any other questions about selling you’re home with a pet, please feel free to ask!

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