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Pizza Spotlight for April

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

It's been a while since I have featured a local pizza place. Normally I will go for a traditional, locally owned pizza spot. But I have been raving about this pizza for the past month and thought it would be a good idea to share it with you.

April's Pizza spotlight is Costco! Yes, you read it correctly. The store that carries everything in Bulk, including Pizza!

When I first got my membership, it cost me $60 for the year. I thought it was a little pricey but figured when buying in bulk, you would end up saving money over time. Little did I know they had a deli/restaurant inside Costco upon signing up.

Check out those prices! Not just on the pizza but on the other food they have available. For about $2.80, you can get a large slice of pizza and a drink at Costco. Since your Costco membership runs annually, if you eat lunch at Costco 1 time a month or every other month, I think that your membership pays for itself. I know it's not the healthiest choice, but if this is your one cheat meal, you can do it for very cheap.

If you don't want to dine in, you can get an entire 18 inch pizza for $9.95. So if you were thinking of ordering pizza that night, you can also save money by purchasing a large pizza and picking it up vs ordering boring delivery pizza :)

Okay, enough on the money savings, lets get back to the pizza. The slice you get for $2 is huge. Its like a double slice. It is served fresh and always fills me up. For being pizza from a 'Grocery Store" it is very good. I highly recommend you stop by here and try a slice.

- Pro Tip - If you don't have a membership but you want to try the pizza out, find a friend who has a membership and go with them to Costco. Guests are welcome to come in and eat!

Quick Local Pizza Deals for 4/27/18

  1. Pizza Hut - 50% off menu priced pizzas through 4/22. This is the best deal More deals here

  2. Papa Johns - Papas Meal Deal for only $12.99. Pizza + Bread Side + 2 Liter. More deals here:

  3. Chicago Pizza - No deals that I can find, but their pizza and breadsticks in Franklin Township are great!

  4. Papa Murphys - No deals today. More deals here

  5. Hungry Howies - Use the code 99CHEEZ to get cheese bread for 99 cents when your purchase is $12 or more. More deals here.

  6. Donatos. $16.99 for a large 1 topping pizza and Asiago Bread. More deals here:

  7. Hotbox Pizza. Pie of the week is the PORKY THE PIE. Enjoy this pizza 1/2 off with online code POTW. More deals here:

  8. Dominos - Choose 2 item menu for $5.99. Medium 2-topping handmade pan pizza for $8.99. Carryout large 3-topping pizza $7.99. More deals here:

  9. Monicals Pizza - Family PleaserBuy a 12" sm or 14" med or 16" lrg thin pizza or 10" sm or 14" lrg pan pizza or family pasta or gluten free, get a 2ltr cherry coke or 2ltr coke or 2ltr coke zero or 2ltr diet coke or 2ltr root beer or 2ltr sprite bottled drinks or 1/2 pitcher or pitcher 2 1/2 pitchers or cherry coke or coke or coke zero or diet coke or iced tea or lemonade or pibb xtra or root beer or sprite or sweet tea fountain drink and a family garden salad, with up to 2 dressings (extra dressings charged extra) and up to any ingredients charged extra, for $6.99. More Deals Here

Remember, these are just Deals that’s I am finding online and in my inbox. Please don’t quote me on any of these deals. They may be only good for certain locations. You will still need to look online yourself and verify that these deals are accurate. And if the deals don’t work in your location, sorry :(

Check back next week for more deals!

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