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4 Staging Tips to Make Your Listing Photos Pop 📸!

The first impression your home makes is of the utmost importance. This is why stylish staging is critical to getting top dollar for your home. And it doesn’t have to be hard or expensive! Just a few easy tips go a long way to attracting buyers’ attention and getting them to stick around and view more 🙊!

1) Lighting is everything.

Great lighting is the difference between your home feeling like a warm and cozy retreat, or the interior of a cold and musty warehouse. Use light temperatures that match the decor and ambiance of your home, and make sure the bulbs are not only all the same color, but all the same wattage as well.

2) The front room is the most important!

The front room will be the first interior photo of the home your prospective buyers are most likely going to see. When thinking about furniture positioning, break the room into quarters. And above all else, make sure the furniture is not ALL pushed to one side or up against the walls!

3) Make all of the bedding in the house look like a hotel.

Even though your buyers aren’t buying the bed, they’re going to subconsciously see your bed as their own, and are going to imagine how relaxed they’re going to feel when in that room. So make sure the bed is clean and tidy, with a matching bed skirt and decorative pillows to round out the feel

4) Put away all clutter.

Every photo should feel neat and composed, as if thought went into each space. Your clutter gives a sense of claustrophobia to the space, so put everything away to create wide open spaces. This includes nearly everything on your kitchen counters!

These easy tips go a LONG way to making your listing photos pop and showcasing your house in the best light.

Want some personalized recommendations for your own home? Shoot me a message and let’s set up a time to meet and chat about getting top dollar for your house -- or 317-629-0070.

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