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Buyer's Remorse Is a Real Thing in 2022 😬

I'm sure by now you know this market is pretty nuts . It's still a strong seller's market and will probably continue to be throughout the year .

What you probably don't know is, there are a lot of buyers out there canceling contracts due to Buyer's Remorse . A lot of buyers are offering to purchase your home as-is. Once they get their offer accepted, they still have the right to have an inspection.

During that inspection is when Buyer's Remorse sets it. The inspection uncovers a lot of things and the buyer begins to evaluate their entire decision on purchasing your home. If they end up canceling the contract, you have to start the process over.

What if you have to sell your home before you can buy another home and the buyer cancelled their contract with you? This would create a domino effect on your end.

To fix this problem before it starts, Best Life Realty Group is offering pre-listing inspections for all of our listing clients . This would be handled by a licensed inspection company so that we know what we are getting involved with up front. Here is how this can help you:

  • We will schedule / pay for the inspection, this is just part of our normal listing package with you.

  • We can help you determine what things you should address on the list before going to market (if any) and then we can supply this information to any future buyer.

  • We can help coordinate those repairs if needed.

  • The buyer would then write you an offer knowing what's on the report and what repairs you've already completed and what repairs remain undone.

  • This should prevent Buyer's Remorse

  • This gives you more control and will be way less stressful on your end.

Think about the last time you purchased a car. If you were able to see all of the Carfax up front, doesn't that make you feel more comfortable with buying the car? We feel being transparent in this fast moving market is the way to go in 2022. Working with us will have you feeling like 👇👇👇

We are going to offer this service for a limited time so please feel free to reach out directly if you would like to take advantage of this. The video above explains all of this in detail. Check it out!

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