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Who Has The Best Pizza on the South Side of Indianapolis?

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

Lets face it... All New Years Resolutions are already out the door. It’s Friday.....and in the Linn house, Friday= pizza night! Who has time to cook a meal on a Friday night anyways. This is my first post of the year, and my goal is to include one local pizza company each month and let you know thoughts on the pizza. I am not a Pizza expert, but more of a pizza lover. I could eat it 8 days a week if it were possible.

As you may know, I have a wife and 2 kids. We are a 2 pizza family. We can’t just order one and feed us all, plus I like to have left overs so I can eat pizza all weekend.

It seems like every time that I’m considering ordering pizza, I go through the same long process.....I check and see who has the best deals tonight which that then turns into me looking on the internet for hours until I find a great deal. Haha. Anything I can do to save a buck. It’s time consuming and tiring. By then, I get pretty Hangry.

To better serve you, each week I also plan to share with you some of the local deals that I found while sifting through my inbox. Hopefully it will save you some time! Below are those deals.

What’s your go to?

I am proud to say that I am a south-sider. Everyone here in Indy likes to debate who has the best pizza on their side of town. I have tried a lot of places, and have many favorites. But when someone asks me, “What’s your go to pizza place?” After 9 years of living in Franklin Township, I have finally found my “go to.” That pizza place is Brozinni Pizzeria

When I think of Pizza, I don’t need anything fancy. I dont’ need 7 types of cheeses, and different sauces, etc. To me, that just isn’t pizza. Sometimes I just want a basic “New York Slice” of pepperoni. Brozinni’s has just that.

They are located on the south side of Indianapolis, as they are just north of County Line and just West of Emerson. They are located in the strip mall next to the old Kroger. If you are just passing through and you see their sign, you probably wouldn’t be too convinced on their pizza. I am hear to tell you, don’t judge a pizza by its box. Sure their signage could use some work, but their pizza is to die for.

You can go in there through the week during lunch hours and get pizza by the slice, or you can take the whole family there for dinner and dine-in. They also have a food truck floating around town!

Their pizzas all have New York themed names. Their slices are very large and filling. And lastly, you can’t just go int here and get pizza.... They are famous for their Garlic Knuckles. You have to try these! You will smell like garlic for a week when you are done, but it's so worth it.

This is our “go to” place when we think of Pizza. If you haven’t tried it yet, you need to check it out. Their website has their full menu on it. Click here for website

Maybe I’ll see you over there sometime? Perhaps next Friday?

Quick Local Pizza Deals for 1/19/18:

  1. Pizza Hut -. 2 Medium pizzas, 2 toppings each. $5.99 Each. More deals here

  2. Papa Johns - Buy 1 pizza at full menu price, and receive 1 free pizza at equal or lesser value. More deals here:

  3. Chicago Pizza - No deals that I can find, but their pizza and breadsticks in Franklin Township are great!

  4. Papa Murphys - $2 off and large, and $3 off any family size.

  5. Hungry Howies - Use the code FAMOUS2 to get a Large Pizza and 3 Cheeser Bread for just $15. More deals here.

Remember, these are just Deals that’s I am finding online and in my inbox. Please don’t quote me on any of these deals. They may be only good for certain locations. You will still need to look online yourself and verify that these deals are accurate. And if the deals don’t work in your location, sorry :(

Check back next week for more deals!

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