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Marketing Plan

Every home is unique in its own way. You will need to have a good marketing plan established before going to the open market.


The goal is to get the maximum dollar amount for your home while allowing as little time as possible on the market. 

Here are a few things to consider:


1) Online Marketing. Today, most  buyers begin their searching online. Other than the MLS, the main sites are Zillow, Trulia and Realtor dot com. You'll want to make sure that your agent puts your home on those major websites along with others.


Another platform that can take your listing to the next level is, of course, social media. Not just Facebook, but Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, Tik Tok etc. 

2) Photos and Videos. You'll also want to make sure that  you have plenty of pictures on your listing. Most sites allow 24, while others allow up to 48 photos. Guess what? If you only have 4 pictures advertised online, your potential buyer is going to skip right past your listing and move onto the next one.

It is important to use high quality photos and videos when selling your home. Photos are a great way to show the main selling features of your home, but a video allows people to virtually walk through your home without being present. This will give potential buyers a better sense of your home before they commit to a purchase.


The key to maximizing your online exposure is your presentation!

What did you think about this coming soon video I shot?


This home sold within 24 hours after I created this video and published it on social media! If you want to get maximum exposure to your home, this is where you start.

3) Know your buyer avatar.  No matter what you're selling, understanding your audience is key to a successful sale. When it comes to selling a house, this means understanding not just who would want to buy your property, but also why.


It's important to remember that real estate is all about location. If your property is situated near a trendy area or popular attraction, you'll want to make sure that your property description and marketing efforts are detailed and accurate.


By taking the time to understand your potential buyers and what makes your property unique, you'll be in a much better position to successfully sell your home.


What your real estate agent needs to know about your home is how much you love it. Your agent can paint a picture of your home that includes a pond view with a great sunset or a farmers market within walking distance. This will help your home be sold faster. When you're selling a property, it's much easier if the prospective buyer can envision themselves living there.

Need help with your marketing plan?
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